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It has been my great pleasure to serve on Wasaga Beach Council over the past seven years and with your continued support, I hope to serve our community for the next four years. I feel that I have been very blessed to have been born in Canada and to have had a very successful career, with the last many years being Director of Sales and Sales Operations for NAPA Automotive (UAP Inc.) Canada. Once retired I became very involved in our community and see our amazing potential! Our natural assets of the longest freshwater beach in the world, the Provincial Park within our municipal boundaries and our extraordinary sunsets, when leveraged effectively, will secure our future in being a World Class place to live and a World Class tourist destination.

The only real estate investment I own is my home, I am not involved in any business and I have no ties to any developers. My only interest in remaining on the town council is to serve our community, work to improve the lives of all residents and move our community toward our full potential.

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